Ulrike is elder priestess in the Thirteenth House Mystery Tradition and a shamanic practitioner in ancient North-European animist tradition. She has been supporting women on their path of healing for over a decade as peer counsellor, bodyworker, and shamanic healer as well as through Equine Guided Personal Growth sessions and retreats with her horses. She has been working intensively with the Ancestors over the years and has trained in ancestral lineage healing with different teachers.

At the Sacred Moon Emergence retreat, Ulrike is honoured to hold space in the Ancestor’s Teepee Lodge, where she will guide you to connect with your Grandmothers and show you how to honour them to draw their love and healing into your life. She will be available throughout the retreat for personal questions and support.


Ulrike was born and raised in Germany and has lived in Paris, France, for a few years until the pristine beauty of Mother Nature called her to British Columbia in 1996. She has been working with women survivors of childhood abuse and sexual assault through a variety of means and modalities since the early 1990s.

Shamanism is her way of life and primary healing modality. She practices ancient North-European forms of Animism. First initiated in 2012, she continues to study with renowned teachers internationally to deepen her understanding of Animism and Shamanism.

Bodywork was the beginning of her formal work as a healer; she completed a training in Integrated Bodywork in 2007 and offers massage and energy healing at The Healing Den in downtown Hope, BC.

Peer Counselling is the foundation of everything she does. Her ability to create a safe container for another’s healing and her empathic listening skills are the framework for all other healing modalities she uses.

Being Priestess of the Goddess provides a lovely balance to the more linear “masculine” structure of the other modalities. Her shamanic practice is steeped in the mysteries of the Divine Feminine. She was ordained Elder Priestess of the Thirteenth House Mystery Tradition in 2014, and offers A Year And A Day priestess initiations through group training and individual mentorships.

Horses have played an important role in her life since earliest childhood. Her equine family consists of three generations: grandmother is 30, the matriarch is 18, and the bouncy boy is 5. She is partnering with her horses as healers and co-facilitators at a private horse farm just outside Hope, BC.

Forest walks keep her grounded and help her “reboot” her brain. She often meets with first-time clients in nature for a “walk-and-talk” while getting to know each other.

Ulrike lives in the town of Hope, a charming little community within the ancestral, traditional, and unceded territory of the Coast Salish nations, located at the confluence of the Fraser and Coquilhalla Rivers between the Coastal Mountains and the Cascade Mountain Range surrounded by some of the most beautiful and dramatic BC wilderness, perfect for outdoor healing rituals and ceremonies.

You can find out more about Ulrike through her website


Ulrike Spitzer – Ancestors’ Teepee Lodge