You will enter into Tara’s lodge and receive an energy /psychic reading from Tara. You will then lay on her furs and receive healing shamanic medicines: The voice of the Drum, Stone Spirits, and (non-mind /dimension altering) Plant Spirits, etc. to assist your mind, body, and soul in healing what needs to be healed. We will ask the Ancestors and Guides and Spirits to set in motion that which needs to be released and that which needs to enter.
We then integrate the experience and close the vessel of your session.

Tara comes from a line of seers/psychics. She has a lifetime of walking the shamanic path and has been practicing her abilities professionally for over 10 years. Her life work as a shamanic seer is her full time occupation. She offers retreats, mentorship, and healing sessions at her Gaia Muna Shamanic Retreat Centre.

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Tara Bradley~Energy/Psychic Reading & Shamanic Medicine