Sunnaira Armstrong is the Lodge Mother for the Silver Buffalo Lodge. In her walk she has been a Sundancer for many years and more recently danced the Spirit dance for a cycle of 8 years.

Sunnaira shared, “to me Buffalo represents the Great Give Away.  The one that willingly says ‘take my body and use it to sustain your own…food, clothing and shelter while you walk this earth walk, to learn the lessons of returning to our own great luminosity…the Great Love and Harmony’ “.

This speaks to the comfort and nourishment that will sustain you and inspire you to shine while you are in this Lodge … in the circles and quiet times and in the conversations with each other … and  with Sunnaira, this women elder.


In  her large forest circle of trees, Sunnaira builds her altars and her Sacred Space for her Silver Buffalo Lodge Group. Every Lodge will have a small Lodge group of participants who will become a sisterhood as they meet for sharing circles, guided transformative experiences and a closing circle to integrate the healing changes and empowering moments of the retreat.


Friday afternoon in the main Sacred Moon Emergence Lodge, Sunnaira will lead everyone in a Sacred Pipe Ceremony and Healing Circle along with Suniva and Marilyn who are also Pipe Carriers. Sunnaira deeply values the hands on participation in circles and ceremony as she shares the vision of our walk as Earth Keepers. She shares that “As an Earth Keeper we clear the mind of ego driven directives so we can live from personal luminosity. One cannot vision clearly with anger, judgement and  negative thoughts  controlling our mind and emotions.  When we are clearer, then we are able to be Earth Keepers…to dream a new world into being, a world of peace, love and harmony when we come from a place of our own luminosity”. Of course where Sunnaira is…  there will be fun involved.

Sunnaira Armstrong – Silver Buffalo Lodge