Stephanie Lafazanos has been holding the hearts and growing souls of wombyn in so many ways. She offered weekly women’s circles for a number of years in Vancouver and is currently a cofacilitator at a Sacred Feminine Tao Tantric 5 week transformational retreat in Thailand. Her creative womb is on fire and she brings it to everything she loves, trail riding, hiking, digging in her garden, swimming in the Shuswap or creating altars in her home. Stephanie has graciously offered to hold the nurturing, womanly arts center in our Mother Womb Lodge.


Stephanie is a Modern Mystic forging a path on the wisdom of the Feminine. She helps today’s women and men learn how to harness their rising feminine powers for inner and outer balance. Skilled as a Medical Intuitive, a Sacred Feminine Tao Tantra and Qigong instructor, energy worker and somatic practitioner, Stephanie helps others reach for Sexual and Spiritual wholeness. She teaches tools for moving past trauma and transforming energy blockages (mental, emotional, physical) into energy flow for health.


One of Stephanie’s offerings in the Mother Womb Lodge is to share some of the practices that so many of us are calling for. It’s important for us to take charge of our bodies and know the life giving beauty and power in our sensual natures and in the energies of our chakras, especially our second, sexual chakra.

The Tao Tantra and Qi Gong practices give women an intimate connection with their own body, their power and their authentic self. “Turning on” the energies we carry sustains us and can heal us. It’s time to reclaim and celebrate the pleasure and blissful fuel of our beings and see how it flows into our life and relationships. Knowing ourselves better can only enhance our purpose, which is to be on purpose in our lives, doing things we love, being creators of humor, art, music, business, culture, feasts, fashion and home comfort and being present as daughters, sisters, mothers, healers, life givers and wise ones.

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Stephanie Lafazanos – Mother Womb Lodge