Turning lower Vibrational Energies into Light -Calling back all parts of yourself you have left behind through all space to the beginning of time. Remembering your divinity and gathering gifts along the way. Connecting deeper to your lineage, Gaia and your multidimensional self. We will be shifting and changing the patterns in your energetic fields moving deeper into flow, remembering your dance with all of Creation.

Sarah learned Reiki in the early 90’s and have weaved in and out of many modalities to eventuality find her own. Her most recent certification is Hands of Light DNA activations with Rae Chandran,2019. Every course she has attended she has taken bits and pieces that resonate with her. Over the last 5 years she has really accessed and assimilated her gifts through her sacred heart. This has been the most profound learning for her.


Sarah Belgue~Light Healing