Every healing step you take in life from conception until we pass over,  you are walking your Medicine Wheel. This retreat  is an opportunity to transform, to release gently and powerfully the wounds of our teenage wilderness so that we can shine. It’s giving yourself time to restory yourself as a young woman coming into a new body, starting your Menses, your Moontime and navigating social, relationship and sexual awakening.

You learn to understand the gifts of your Sacred Wounds, so they can guide you today with the strengths they have created in you. We explore subconscious core beliefs and heal them through ceremony, circles, breathwork, art, energy work and the gift of deeply accepting sisters where you feel heard, valued and loved.

This is a sure recipe for you to shine even brighter, belly laugh, dance, skinny dip in the hot tub like a wild teenager, feel clearer about your purpose and have greater peace of mind.

The “Embody Your Radiant Maiden” Retreat is in

Kelowna, BC. Mar 6-8th, 2020 – Friday 6pm to Sunday 3 pm

Shuswap, Eagle Bay BC –  April 24 – 26th, 2020 – Friday 6 pm to

Sunday 3 pm


Women Inspiring Women Aug 14 – 16, 2020

Forest Camping Retreat for  60 Women

In this forest land and abundant summer retreat, the ceremony and circles are designed to release our Sacred Wounding so we can celebrate  the beauty and strength of coming into our own beingness, the powerful flow of being a clear wise woman in these times of calling forth our inner world of the Divine Feminine and expressing that wisdom and creativity through our Divine Masculine.

This retreat offers insight into our life passages as a woman and our connection to the spirit helpers of our Ancestors and our Mother Earth. Along with the ceremonies and circles with the whole group, you will pick a card to be part of a smaller circle where you will get to know 8 – 10 women who will support you in being heard and seen, deeply accepted and celebrated.

The smaller group you choose shows that your Spirit asking you to focus and explore one of your life stages or your spirit connections.

The Lodges are called: The Starchild Garden, The Wild Horse Maiden Lodge, The Bear Mother Lodge, The Silver Buffalo Lodge, The Ancestors Lodge and the Listening Earth Lodge.

Sacred Moon Emergence is held on August 14th to 16th, 2020 near Kamloops, BC