IF YOU YEARN TO HAVE AN EASIER, MORE INTIMATE CONNECTION WITH A PARTNER, we will explore ways to improve communication, move more effectively through conflict, heal old hurts and frustrations and tune-up the spark in you that creates the joy and playfulness you desire in your relationships. This weekend is an opportunity to get away and have some time and space in a beautiful  environment with others that are also looking at up-leveling their connection and intimacy.

Men and women are in relationship with everything in our daily lives. How we treat ourselves, our toothbrush, our homes, our sex lives or our friendships all reflect and mirror:

  • how much we trust life,
  • how much we feel safe,
  • how much we are here for others but not for ourselves,
  • how much we can ask for what we need,
  • how much we can love, appreciate and celebrate who we are! Or NOT! It`s a life long journey!

Do you know what your expectations of relationship are? What is your love language and can you ask for what you need or do you even know what you want? Let’s have some fun discovering these things so you have more tools for experiencing success and enjoyment in your relationships at home, at work and in the world.

Of course we want intimacy, validation and cooperation from our closest people, but unless you have a good relationship with yourself, understanding and expressing your own needs, no one else can truly fill them, and they want to, they love you!

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The Wounded Masculine and Wounded Feminine is in each one of us and mostly comes from family patterns we carry subconsciously. These subconscious thoughts and beliefs help create situations and daily interactions that can be frustrating or painful. Gentle ways to discover and acknowledge these thoughts, immediately start the releasing these experiences and can teach you what you are here   to  learn, to forgive or to ask for.


You will awaken the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within you, the parts of us that yearn for and grow our connection, our understanding, our acceptance of ourselves and others. You will experience ways that you can shift your relationship so that it can be lasting, juicy and fun.

Join us for this heart opening and fun filled weekend, with lots of safety to have guided vulnerable conversations and explore what we have been wanting and desiring. There will be lots of space to drum, work together, relax, laugh and share great meals. Pot luck meals help keep the costs down. Click here for meals and accommodation info .


We meet at the Eagle River BnB near Sicamous on Friday afternoon and evening to set our intentions, learn more about unhelpful core beliefs we carry and what relationships need to flourish.

Saturday morning after breakfast the men head to the Sweatlodge Ceremony with Bob and the women circle with Marilyn for Sacred Ceremony and Breathwork. The return of the Men and the welcoming from the Women is powerful as we come back together with new found appreciation for ourselves and each other. We feast afterwards at our Saturday supper and integrate for the evening.

Sunday morning is a gentle visioning and sharing of where we go from here with our new awareness, communications and skills to create more ease, kindness, intimacy and fun in our relationships.


Marilyn and Bob have both been on their healing journey and spiritual path for over 35 years. Starting in 1990 they trained together for three years with intensive Breathwork workshops and retreats, creating safe and sacred space for individuals and groups to explore their relationships in life. They graduated with Practitioner and Group Leadership Certification. Connecting to Marilyn`s love of the Earth and Bob`s background as First Nation, they participated in many years of traditional Ceremonies such as the Medicine Wheel, Sweatlodge, Vision Fasting and Sundancing where they learned the power to make their own inner changes and to develop relationship healing ceremonies. Their background also includes Tantra training and Attachment work with Gabor Mate, Gordon Newfeld and Virginia Satir. They bring experience from numerous relationship trainings during Marilyn’s 30 year career as a counsellor and her facilitation of running life changing Sacred Moon Emergence Retreats for Women. They are excited to offer men and women a make-over in their experience of life and in their world of relationships.


I keep my connection to spirit with daily exercises of yoga and meditation and by being physically active through part time work, square dancing and golf with my new found buddies. I know that both people in relationship need to do their own personal work so that they can change unhelpful patterns, which usually stem from family patterns. Communication with family and tending to my relationship with Marilyn is most important on my walk-about this time around. I look forward to co-creating with you, some new ways to look at our relationships. Aho!!


Our relationship is a kind and strong friendship. I love so many things about Bob and he definitely keeps me laughing. Life can offer us things we do not expect and relationships are also for healing. We have weathered a number of dark nights of the soul in our marriage. I absolutely know that our currently flourishing and intimate relationship is a product of the extensive personal work we have both done and continue to engage in.

Bob and Marilyn have been together for 35 years, co-parents to 5 children, 11 grandchildren and their first great grandaughter. They continue to enjoy each others company square dancing, playing pickle ball, cooking together, laughing lots and you might even think they are still on their honeymoon!

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