Melissa is a visionary, change maker, and rising medicine woman. She loves the opportunity to offer the Starchild Garden Lodge for those of you who are called to meet or deepen your inner Starchild connection.  Create our circle in the tipi lodge, with a childhood vision of making your fort, journeying to the heart of your little one, to offer her safety and honoring, so she can come out to play. The sharing circles and art creation will  offers times of healing those childhood wounds so you can be the big sister and always be there for your inner Starchild.


Melissa  specializes in holistic approaches to counselling & life coaching services, nature therapy, and traditional energetic healing modalities through crystal healing treatments, sacred medicine, Reiki energy, sound healing and shamanic practices.

Melissa is a 3rd generation Woodland Cree healer from Loon River First Nation and a descendant of the Bruce Clan from Scotland. Her spiritual name is Pîwâpiskoskwêw, inherited from her late Kokum (Grandmother). It translates to, Person of Steel, symbolizing strength in overcoming adversity. She started her healing journey 10 years ago and within that time she found that self-love, self-compassion, and self-forgiveness are the heart of becoming whole. It’s a lesson she continues to integrate for herself and loves inspiring others to do the same.

Melissa believes we hold the capacity within ourselves to heal our wounds and change our internal thoughts and maladaptive behaviors. She inspires others to be present and grounded in order to make mindful choices towards their health and wellness goals. Thus, allowing time to breathe, to heal old wounds that continue to limit you in the present day, and to grow a strong foundation that supports your healing journey. She holds space to allow you to connect to your inner Starchild and inner wisdom, and together, you heal.

Breathe. Heal. Grow.
Melissa Letendre, BSW, CCH

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“Don’t lose hope. When the sun goes down, the stars come out”

Melissa Letendre – Starchild Garden