Marilyn J Puff, Sage Woman, is the visionary and founder of this gathering and the Keeper of the Sacred Moon Emergence Ceremony Lodge. She loves creating ceremony where you recognize more of the vision and the wisdom you carry, your connection to your tribe and to your Moontime wisdom. These three days in ceremony create Sacred Space and safety to open your hearts, to access your authentic places of healing and create rejuvenation of your voice, your playfulness, your power and your sensual beauty…

Throughout the weekend, Marilyn will bring everyone together for Song, Dance, Rituals, Ceremonies and Circles.


The vision for this gathering was born shortly after Marilyn’s mom passed over in 2015,¬† when Marilyn was in England on a Spiritual Pilgrimage. In that place of love and tenderness she attended a powerful women’s Thirteen Moon Festival of 400 women in Dartmoor, UK and felt deeply called to create and offer a women’s gathering at home. Giving herself two years to find the women to help plan and implement this soul opening retreat, she knew that this calling was her greatest life purpose. She knew that it would take everything she had ever learned, bringing together all her strengths and skills in order to offer the world of women a place, to experience their divine feminine rising, their Sacred Moon Emergence.


Since a child, Marilyn has always had a deep desire for greater peace and harmony in the world. As the oldest of four younger brothers raised on a small farm, she was inspired and challenged by her family to find a way to be authentically who she is. She lived primarily in her masculine energy until she began her transformational journey in her early 30’s. Her traumas in life and being a sensitive empath fueled her love of nature, her passion for being present with life and living a deep spiritual connection¬† She aspires to be a strong, healthy, sensual woman and to offer her gifts to the world as an Elder.

Marilyn has been happily married for 30 years, a mother of two sons, step mom to three daughters and grandmother to 11. She has channeled her love of creativity and thirty five years of service into working with children, families and women as a counsellor, therapist, community builder and ceremony facilitator. Initially her intensive training and healing work was with Breathwork, Rebirthing, Energy Healing Massage and being a Medicine Wheel keeper . Marilyn is a carrier of Sacred Songs and her love of earth based spirituality helped her feel at home with her husband in the Sweatlodge, Vision Fasting and Sundance communities. She is a carrier of a Sacred Pipe for the people, and loves discovering and using gentle and effective ways for creating deep and lasting transformation.

Marilyn Puff – Sacred Moon Emergence Lodge