On the first day if  you choose a card for the Wild Horse Maiden Circle, it will be your small group for the weekend. Whenever there is a break out circle, you will meet with this small group of 6 – 8 sisters. The Wild Horse Maiden Circle is a place to celebrate a time of our lives when we are exploring and expanding our horizons and our visions of who we are in the world.

Lily loves being our Wild Horse Maiden Circle Leader and will guide you in the exploration and creations with your sisters.

IN our Maiden time of life, our first Moontime (menses) is a very important life passage that calls for rituals that honor our bodies and our beings and our initiation into our creative expression as a Lifegiver, an artist, a creator. This is a time of being totally present with our demanding bodies, so we can learn to slow down, take extra care of the amazing power of our lifeblood as it ebbs and flows with the moon and moves our emotional waters. These emotional and physically demanding often painful Moontimes call us to know our bodies more deeply and to learn to sit on the Earth, perhaps consider giving some of your Moon Blood back to our Mother Earth. There are prophecies that say that when the women give back their Moon Blood to the Earth, we will all be healthy again.

As a woman who re – members the Wild Horse Maiden within, this is an opportunity for all of us to visit and re – story your experience of our teen and young women years and honor the parts of you that wanted to be seen for the power and the beauty of who you are in all your messiness and brilliance …