On the first day if  you choose a card for the Silver Buffalo Circle, it will be your small group for the weekend whenever there is a break out circle. Each of us carries wisdom in our bones, in our gut and spirit intuition and in our hearts as we continually emergence into ourselves as clear powerful lifegivers, whether we are elders, mothers or maidens. There is room here and intention for every woman in the circle to be seen, to be heard, to be understood…. and to be Wise….

Sunnaira, one of our treasured elders shared, “to me Buffalo represents the Great Give Away.  The one that willingly says ‘take my body and use it to sustain your own…food, clothing and shelter while you walk this earth walk, so you can learn the lessons of returning to our own great luminosity…the Great Love and Harmony’ “. This speaks to the comfort and nourishment that will sustain you and inspire you to shine while you are in this Lodge in the workshops, journeying, quiet times and in the conversations with each other and the elders at the gathering.

When you are in the stage of being an older women, you are Goddesses or Medicine Women in the last third of your life. You have been gathering understanding from all our experiences whether exciting or challenging and growing for years into the gifts, medicines and our callings. We have the opportunity to become even more focused in our Spiritual walk as the demands of child rearing and careers ease off and our focus on relationship shifts.

Even as a younger woman, or mid life woman your heart and soul may be calling to sit with your Sisterhood in the Silver Buffalo Circle, as we all carry wisdom, we all carry a piece of the puzzle, an important part of the answer to our questions.