Upon entering the Sacred Mother Womb Lodge, you will experience connecting the Spirit with the sensual, the feminine Goddess within. Stephanie is your Lodge Keeper in this grand space.

img_5559Through active participation in sharing circles, a workshop, creative expressive art, and other rich offerings in this Lodge, you can release pain and old stories, nurture your body, mind and soul and rejuvenate the playful, the creative, the beautiful desirous you!

In the Friday evening ceremony, you pick an artful card to connect you to your “Home Room Lodge“ that is your small group Sisterhood. The Lodge sisterhood is a circle to connect with friends you just haven’t met yet.

This life stage of the Sacred Womb Mother, ever giving, organizing, searching, learning, nurturing, providing, is a place to find time to honour yourself, the woman who has come into herself or who knows you need to find yourself again, claim your place as WOMAN, the mature self-aware, sensual, bodacious woman that you are. Here, you are held by your tribe. The beauty of your soul whether it is in pain or joy, fosters your innate women’s wisdom and is needing to be seen and heard, recognized. Here, you can declare and claim your journey of self acceptance, self compassion and self love. Being in the Mother Womb Lodge, you can reclaim your divine place in the sisterhood community.

Circling in this Sacred Mother Womb Lodge will include celebration of our Sacred Feminine Tao Tantra self with Stephanie, a place to blossom into the strength of our self love and into our birthright to enjoy a life with pleasure and bliss.

Visit, ceremony and workshop in the Sacred Mother Womb Lodge, the home of our life giving creativity, our seat of yearning, nurturing and being nurtured.