The Sacred Moon Emergence Lodge is the gathering place for the whole tribe. It represents our center, our connection to our Spirit and to all that we are.  Gathering everyday in this Lodge and on the land, you will experience the opening and closing of sacred space each day, along with the journey of sharing circles, healing circles, drumming, chants, dancing, breathwork, ceremonies and circling around the Sacred Fire Altars.

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Enjoy and create a deeply transformative weekend of inspiration, rejuvenation, magic and mystery….

When you register, you will pick a card from the deck of Life Passage Lodges, that will determine which small group circle of 6 – 8 women you are in . The Lodge groups you will choose from are: the Starchild Garden Circle, the Wild Horse Maiden Circle, the Bear Mother Circle, the Silver Buffalo Circle or the Ancestors Fire Circle.

Within the large group daytime sessions on Friday and Saturday, you will also work in pairs and in your small Lodge or Break Out Circle where you can safely explore your inner experiences of releasing your blocks and barriers and celebrate your insights that free your true spirit self . *Bring your journal

Friday evening -Sisterhood Honoring and Initiation

Enjoy the songs, the drumming, chanting and the journeying into your heart …celebrating your arrival  … honoring the intentions you carry…  opening the Sacred Space we will create together and the Sisterhood we are creating … welcoming transformation as we send our love to this Sacred Land, ourselves and each other.

*Bring your drum and / or rattle and any medicines, flower petals or herbs you would like to offer to the fire.

Saturday Evening Ceremony – Womb Honoring and Elder Honoring Ceremonies:

Saturday evening, dressed in red or with red accents, we move deeper into our divine feminine power, our Womb Temple. Honoring our Moontime (menses), menopause and our Elder Women in ceremony will deepen the love for ourselves and each other. We will dance through the Birth Canal, honoring ourselves as the leaders, healers and wise ones that we are. We celebrate ourselves for the Sacred Womb we carry (with or without our physical womb) and the many gifts of the feminine that we carry. We move with the strength of the divine masculine that we use to create the intuitive visions and desires we have, for the kind of life and community we all deserve.

*Bring your drum and / or rattle and any medicines, flower petals or herbs you would like to offer to the fire. 

Sunday Morning Ceremony and Closing:

On Sunday morning we will be honoring our journey, the gifts we have received, the friendships we have made and the transformation we can feel in our bones. In creating collage art, letting the images speak to us and guide us, dancing and singing these pieces into our beings, we will carry them deeper into our hearts for our returning…. into our worlds….

Marilyn J Puff, the visionary and founder of Sacred Moon Emergence for Women  holds the vision and maintains the Sacred Space as the main Lodge Grand Mother. Her love of transformation, of sound, song and the drum will always call you home to her Lodge and the center of your universe.