The Sacred Moon Emergence Lodge is in the main group room, the gathering place for the whole tribe, the place where we will circle when we are not out on the Land. It represents the Center of your Medicine Wheel, the daily, monthly, yearly cycles of our lives. In this Lodge is where each stage of our Life Passage as Women is honored with an Altar. Gathering everyday in this Lodge and on the Sacred Land, you will experience the opening and closing of Sacred Space each day. We weave through the journey of sharing circles, dancing, healing circles, chant singing, breathwork, beautiful heart opening ceremonies, outdoor Pilgrimages and inspiring Evening Ceremonies.

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Circle with up to 33 soul sisters, many whom you will recognize easily and feel comfortable with as soul family and together will create a deeply transformative weekend  of inspiration, rejuvenation, magic and mystery….


When you arrive, you will see the signs for parking, and you will see the big house, a short walk away where you register for your room or camping, (Fri between 12-1:30pm). You will also pick a card from the deck of Life Passage Circles, that will determine which break out circle of 6 – 8 women you will become closer to, as you are with them at different times during the weekend. The Lodge Circles you will intuitively choose from are: your Cosmic Womb Self, your Starchild, your Wild Horse Maiden, your Mothering Bear, or your Wise Silver Buffalo. The main Altar for the whole gathering is a four direction Medicine Wheel and represents the Ancestor`s Circle that we sit in each day.


The flow of the weekend is Divinely orchestrated, with 3 hour breaks for lunch and supper. Along with the Main Lodge Circle, you will work in pairs as well as in your small Lodge Circles which are like break out groups. In each circle you will be guided to safely explore your inner experiences of claiming your truth, being deeply heard, exploring your blocks and barriers and celebrating insights that will free your true Spirit Self . *Bring your journal if you like


This year we have gone back to offering meals that will be potluck, with everyone bringing one large size dish. There are some other options for purchasing food that are needed (coffee, snacks etc) rather than bringing a dish if you are traveling a distance. The camping and RV spots are marked and will be assigned at Registration. Registration signs are by the Lodge that houses the kitchen, dining room and 6 bedrooms. Click here for Accommodation Info and What to Bring for Meals, Clothing options. For more info and to purchase TICKETS, go to the Ticket Page 

*Bring your drum and/or rattle, crystals or altar pieces or small statues. You are also welcome to bring any medicines, flower petals, or herbs you would like to put either on your Lodge Circle Altar or to offer to the Yoni and Earth Prayer Bundle we create on Saturday afternoon and offer to the Eagle River.

FRIDAY EVENING CEREMONY – Yoni Temple and MoonBlood Ceremony:

Friday evening is our MoonBlood Ceremony, a symbolic honoring of our Moon Blood, representing our spiraling, flowing creative emotional waters of our Yoni Temple. This is a powerful gift to Women, calling us to treasure our Feminine natures and work closely with the wisdom of our Yoni Temple, whether or not we are still bleeding or only have an energetic imprint of our sacral womb parts. We are here to claim our sensual beauty, to value our feminine ways, to sit strongly in our rage, our grief and our ecstasy. We are here to move and breath, dancing with the strength of the divine masculine within, the energy that we use to create our yearnings, our spiritually inspired and intuitive visions and our daily and long term desires.

SATURDAY EVENING CEREMONY –  Elders Honoring Us as Midwives in our Rebirthing Ceremony:

Saturday evening is an opportunity to dress in red or burgundy, or wear something with red accents. Our joy and connection is rich by this time of the weekend, and now we move deeper into our divine feminine power. Our Elder Midwives will guide us to enter and move through the Birth Canal, honoring ourselves, Rebirthing our intentions for the weekend and our choice to move forward in our lives as valued, capable, Powerful Wombyn. We truly are the leaders of children, friends, families and community, the healers – healing the world from changes we make within and the wise ones – trusting ourselves to speak our truth and act upon the messages we hear.

SUNDAY MORNING – Integration and Closing Ceremony:

On Sunday morning we will be honoring our journey, the gifts we have received, the friendships we have made and the transformation we can feel in our bones. Creating a group message from your Lodge Circle to offer to the greater Circle will be our final integration. Then our closing, somatic movement and singing these pieces into our beings, will help us carry them deeper into our hearts for our returning…. into our worlds….changed and inspired, more deeply connected to our Sisterhood and our Goddess Self.

Marilyn J Puff is the visionary, founder and facilitator of Sacred Moon Emergence for Women who holds the vision and maintains the Sacred Space as the main Lodge Grand Mother. Her love of transformation, of sound, song, movement and the drum will always call you home to her Lodge and the Center of your Universe.