Walking on the red earth trails through the beautiful forested area… the open meadow beyond… or to the rushing river below… you will come to many quiet places to sit… to ponder… to rest… to be inspired ….

You will be encouraged to find your own Sacred Space somewhere on the Land, that calls to you, that feels like home where you can create your own altar, perhaps a mandala or maybe a single stone. Maybe it’s at the base of a tree, or in the center of a meadow, where you can go to sit or lie down and watch the clouds, become grounded in the moment of being fully present,… all your senses aware… and your mind and your breath become quiet…  you feel your body, your heart and the joy or the pain that is moving through, like the clouds passing by… and your whole being feels fed, safe and nurtured on the belly of the Mother Earth …

Notice how you are called or where you are drawn to …..

     Notice how you hear messages from the Earth or your Spirit ….

∼ the song of a bird or a flicker of sunlight ….

∼ a Spiral of Stones or Cedar branches ….

∼ a circle of Standing Ones of the Trees ….

∼ a vessel of Water blessed with medicines and flowers ….

∼ an Altar of beauty, symbols of the Goddess, the Earth, the Elements,

∼ signs of Elementals and Fairies growing feasts for your eyes and senses ….

∼ prayer flags or prayer ties dancing in the breeze….