Sacred Lodges

In the Medicine Wheel of the Sacred Lodge Altars, the Forested Circles and the Sacred Moon Emergence Lodge, there will be ceremony, story, journeying, dancing, resting, crafts, circling, playing, drumming and singing. These are some of the many ways we will honor and explore more of:teg-flower-altar

Who we are ….
Where we are ….
What we carry ….
What we are letting go ….
What we are excited about ….

Create, cry, stomp, play in the joy and the innocence of your “little one’s” emotional waters at the altar of the Starchild Garden.

Expand your horizons and your vision. Honour your moontime journey as a young woman at the Wild Horse Maiden Lodge.

Nurture yourself as a lifegiver, a cocreator. Ground in your connections and honour the beauty way, the soft and strong power of the feminine at the altar of the Mother Womb Lodge.

Rejuvinate and trust in your purpose. Experience the spirituality and the truth of the Wise One you are, in the Silver Buffalo Lodge.

Gaze into the sacred fire, listen and journey to the drums of the ancients, and honour them with song in the Ancestors’ Teepee Lodge.

Feast on the senses in your body. Gather with your sisters to be in Ceremony,  free your mind and heart in the sound, the songs, the storytelling and the dance of the Sacred Moon Emergence Lodgeunspecified-26