To make your experience even more memorable…

OPTIONAL  but BRING if you’d like,  … :


  • A small blanket, scarf or shawl for the Friday Sisterhood Initiation Ceremony
  • Something to wear with red, dark red or burgandy-ish colours, perhaps a scarf or skirt  for the Saturday evening Moontime Ceremony.
  • Any special objects, crystals, statues or sacred items that you can put on an altar, or use for your own special collection. You can contribute to an altar in your Sacred Lodge.  No objects are required.
  • Your drum, rattle, shakers or rain stick etc… there will be extra shakers available


  • Festival seating chair, or lawn chair
  • Yoga mat (if you want to participate in Yoga offerings)
  • Blanket (to lay down for journeying or to sit on ground)
  • Swim suit 
  •  Bring a Goddess outfit, simple, playful or fanciful for everyday wear and for Saturday ceremony


  • Sorrento Centre will provide options for Tenting, RV’s, Cabana’s and Motel Rooms

      FOR MEALS:

  • Purchase from Sorrento Centre
  • provides catering with their garden fresh meals and herbs
  • Meal costs are Breakfast $11, Lunch $13, Supper $19
  • Please bring your lunch for Saturday, as the retreat starts at 2:30 Saturday afternoon