Lily Grubisic is a young woman who is following her earth-loving nature and has recently graduated university with a degree in Natural Resources Science. She meditates, is always learning and a lover of travel, nature, music and art. She is currently embodying the young maiden inside herself as she is exploring and expanding her horizons, planting and cultivating who she is in this world.

Lily is an old soul. Through life’s challenges, she has committed herself to Spirit, yoga, practicing self-care, journaling, painting, spending time in nature and with loved ones. Every day she is learning more about self, uncovering her truths along this magical journey called life.

In the Wild Horse Maiden Lodge, there will be workshops and activities available to speak to women of all ages and our journey in those young women years of our lives as lifegivers.

Lily Grubisic – Wild Horse Maiden Lodge