1.  Food is Potluck, and will be organized to coordinate with the activities. There will be a schedule for who is preparing each meal. Whoever prepares the meal will keep the kitchen tidy and others will sign up to do the clean up.  On Saturday the men can take a snack or bag lunch for Saturday lunch or decide to fast while they are at the Sweatlodge. Women will eat at the Retreat center.
  2. PLEASE BRING your own food if you have a very special or restricted diet.
  3. If your food needs are around vegetarian, gluten, dairy or sugar free, please bring meals for the potluck that will work for you and inform Marilyn and Bob about your needs. We will all do our best to accommodate you and others with these needs
 For more info and to let us know of your food needs: Marilyn 250 320-1993,