Danielea Castell is a Nature Empath, Planetary Sound Weaver, and Performance Artist based in Quesnel British Columbia. Danielea’s personal mission is to restore living harmony and reciprocity among People, Water and Trees through InterBeing communication and conscious relationship.

As co-host of the Ancestors Lodge in 2018 Danielea had the opportunity to meet the profound spirit and presence of the River and Trees who live around the retreat site. Danielea is thrilled to be activating the Listening Earth Lodge for the 2019 retreat so that women can have the opportunity to experience their own unique way of listening and communicating with the sacred Earth. The Nature-connection practices shared in this lodge are for beginners and experienced women alike and will focus on deep listening, breath, sound weaving and earth art.


More About Danielea

Danielea Castell (pronounced dah-ni-lee-ah) is a nature empath, planetary sound weaver and performance artist whose life, work and music are sourced in her intimate relationships with international Water bodies and Trees.

Danielea received her first transmission from the Trees of Haida Gwaii in 2008 when she was initiated as an ‘InterBeing Ambassador’. She has been in intimate interbeing partnership with Fraser River since 2012 and was recently offered a second interbeing partnership in Capetown South Africa with a 400 year old Wild Fig Tree named Nokuphila. Danielea is deeply humbled by the trust and the love given to her by these wise beings and has been guided to begin sharing the personal stories and music that have come from these relationships.

Trained in transformational sound practices from the shamanic, theatrical and yogic traditions, Danielea mentors women in voice empowerment, conscious language and nature connection. Her specialty is helping empaths stay centred in their own experience and bringing forth their gifts.

Danielea released her first Water CD called Thank You Water in 2017. She is a member of the global Rights of Nature movement and led Water Ceremony at the United Nations in 2017 for the 6th annual Forum on Harmony with Nature. Danielea has been leading community chanting since 2006 and recently formed a chant duo with singer Grace Kohn under the name One Conscious Voice.





Danielea Castell – Listening Earth Lodge