) What to Bring click here, and this link can also be accessed on the dark bar below
) What is the schedule of events?

Retreat registration is Friday from noon until 1:30 pm on Friday Sept 13th. The OPENING circle starts at 2:00, the weekend CLOSING CEREMONY ends Sunday at noon, with lunch to follow . Camping set up time is anytime Fri if you are able to come early. Rooms are available at 10 am.

Daily sessions  9 – 11:30 am, 2:30 – 4:30 pm and 7:30 – 9:30 / 10 pm. Breakfast at 8 am, Lunch at 12:30 pm and Supper at 5:30 pm.

) What are the arrangements for meals and accommodation?

Meals are potluck and the link to sign up is here ( TBA soon). You have a choice to sign up for what meal or to  purchase specific foods to bring, for whichever weekend you will be attending.

Camping is $30 a night per person. You will receive help to transport your tent etc. a short distance away from the car parking lot. There are 7 rooms onsite for $144 for two nights shared accommdation, taxes included. Most rooms have one queen bed, two rooms have a large bunk bed and queen bed. Shared bathrooms between two bedrooms. You are also welcome to get a room offsite, but are asked to be on time and attend all the sessions, as they are divinely cumulative in the creation of your opportunity for transformation.

) Can we bring our teen daughters or nieces or babies / toddlers ?

Our intention is that this is a gathering for adults 18 and over, so that moms and lifegiving, caring women have a place and time to be nurtured and to give to themselves. It is a personal growth process for the weekend that can elicit a deeply personal journey. For this reason, this retreat is not suitable for moms who have toddlers or babies. We understand that babies and moms are deeply attached and the divided attention will not give you as a mom the full experience. It is important that other women present can focus on themselves as well. We trust that moms of older children will take the magic and your learnings back home to your children and loved ones from a place of being filled, empowered and rejuvenated….

) Can women come for one day?

In creating Sacred Space for deep safety and transformation, we are not able to have women come for one day.  Everyone’s energy creates a beautiful container, and we need to know that everyone is there for the entire weekend  …. 

AND you are encouraged to listen to your own heart and needs and there may be times when you may need to be on your own for a part of the day or evening … Please know your presence is noticed and inform the team or a sister to pass the message on, if  you are not joining your sisters for a session.

) How do I get my ticket? What if I’m volunteering?

Volunteers need to purchase a ticket and will receive their $100 compensation for 6 hours work, by etransfer by Oct 1st, 2024

On the Ticket page or any ticket link, you click  Purchase Ticket.

When you click onto Page 1 – You will be asked for how many tickets you want to purchase.

Continue to  Page 2 for registration information – email, phone number, emergency contact (name and number), any allergies.

Continue to Page 3 with Payment options of paypal, Credit Card or etransfer. Etransfer information is provided there, and you will leave the website and go to your own banking to do the etransfer. 


) Your help with tear down would be greatly appreciated!
  • Before the weekend, any help you can give with setting up the venues on Thursday will be greatly appreciated.
  • Any help you can give to tear down the event after the weekend, will also be greatly appreciated.
  • Big Thanks for any extra help you can assist us with, it only takes a couple hours for tear down , whereas the set up will take a full day or more depending on how many hands are available.
  • Marilyn and the team