If you can change your brain you can change anything. This Access Consciousness energy technique is a gentle, profound, deeply relaxing experience using gentle touch to the head, releasing the accumulated charge held in our thoughts, feelings and emotions that keep us in limitation. Results are often profound as we let go of judgements, past traumas and anxieties, and become open to receiving new possibilities for better health and more joy. For more description and research visit accessconsciousness.com/bars

Cathy has been Health Practitioner since 1980. Originally specializing in Nutrition and Body Work. Her practice has evolved in 4 decades to become more holistic in scope and more focused on the energy underneath the physical, emotional, biochemical, and psychological responses of the body to stress. She uses applied kinesiology (aka muscle testing) to remove the guess work and zero in on the exact priority for your body and being.

Cathy Lidster ~ Access Consciousness