Brittany Gill is a co-facilitator of this Lodge with Lily Grubisic. Brittany is a young entrepreneur with many different passions. Her artistic and soulful spirit show a deep connection to her inner child and her desire as Keeper of this Lodge to create sacred space for spontaneity, playfulness and innocence. Her main passion is holistic health and healing. She embraces this through her workshops, circles and the use of essential oils. She also works with people one on one, to create wellness plans and meet their greatest needs in an all natural way. Brittany loves offering all she knows about how to use ESSENTIAL OILS  and how to make your own products.

Along with her many other artistic talents, Brittany is an avid circus performer and believes in play as therapy and always listening to your inner child.  She`s also looking forward to  performing at the Retreat and meeting you in renegade creative circles under a nice tree, possibly creating art, crystal bracelets or paper mache.

Brittany will be providing the SACRED ITEM SWAP at the Festival, a safe place to offer than item you no longer use and bring something unique home with you instead. The item swap is all about letting go and renewing, in a sustainable way.

Find Brittany:
Facebook: Facebook.com/paradimeessentials
Email: paradimeessentials@gmail.com


Brittany Gill – Wild Horse Maiden Lodge