“The Earth is Our Mother” is a rich teaching. You can feel this land is deeply loved… she is calling… hear her calling…

Sacred Moon Emergence Lodge and Ceremonies

SACRED MOON EMERGENCE  Retreat for Women is a transformational weekend of empowerment!

Come as you are... Dream big... Shine in your truth!

The core of your true self is never lost. Let go of all the pretending and becoming you've done just to belong. Curl up with your rawness and come home. You don't have to find yourself, you just have to let yourself in.

~ Dr. Antoinette Foy


The time together was magical and I’m thirsty for more!
I loved the ritual you created and I long to keep the fires burning
that have been ignited. The time spent opened my heart so wide, such
compassion and acceptance hummed throughout our days in the forest.
It felt so good to be a woman.

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