Psychic Tea Leaf Readings – During the reading you will receive information that is pertinent and specific to YOU. Tara reads your energy /aura /soul while she accesses “Source information” to share with you. This information will include specific messages to help guide you forward, insights into what has already taken place in your life, answers to any questions you may have, clarity on issues that are presenting in your life, direction for the future, and /or your Totem or Spirit Animal (if it wishes to present itself).

Tara comes from a line of psychics. Her great grandmother was a tea leaf reader for many years in Dawson Creek, BC. Tara has been psychic /intuitive her whole life. After many years of not understanding or really using her abilities, she began practicing in earnest. She has been reading professionally for over 8 years. Her clients are thrilled, amazed, and profoundly impacted by the readings they receive.

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Tara Bradley