Medicine Walk Series

Retreats for Women

Firing up your Divine Feminine is your walk in this lifetime. Like our “in and out breath”, the Divine Feminine is never separate from your expression through the Divine Masculine, but it yearns to be honored and awakened. Every healing step you take, you are walking your Medicine Wheel from conception until you leave your body. This retreat series is an opportunity to transform and understand the gifts of your Sacred Wounds, so you can shine even brighter in the truth and talents of who you really are and why you have come to Earth.

Each retreat begins Friday night with a free intro that is important to attend if you are coming for the weekend. It is also an offering for anyone, for women, youth, trans, men, all who love their sisters and want to support the rising of the Divine Feminine in us all.


 East Gate  – “BIRTH Of The STARCHILD” Retreat

This first retreat is the foundation in this series. The “Birth of the Starchild”…. It is reclaiming a deeper relationship with our beginning, with our Little One… our inner tender child who deserves to feel safe in their body, in their innocence, curiosity and emotional expression. Healing and growing this connection gives us more access to our childlike creativity, freedom,  true grounding and power in who we are.

Join Us:

KELOWNA, BC –  Friday March 1 – introductory evening 7 – 8:30 pm, Saturday 9:30 – 9 pm and Sunday until 1 pm

COQUITLAM, BC – Friday April 12th – free introductory evening 7 – 8:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday 10 – 5, optional ecstatic dance Sat. evening

KAMLOOPS, BC – Friday May 24th – free introductory evening 7 – 8:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday 10 – 5, optional ecstatic dance Sat. evening



” Wild Horse Maiden Initiation”

Forest Camping Retreat for Women

The South Gate of our Medicine Walk represents our “Wild Horse Maiden”, the beauty and strength of coming into our own beingness, the powerful flow of our moontime  and navigating our sisterhood connections. Your Wild Horse Maiden will be honored in the Moontime and Sisterhood initiations that will be held in the main Sacred Moon Emergence Lodge for Ceremony everyday. The south gate is also seen in the noontime, the summertime gift of abundance of food and growth in the lush forests, the powerful flowing rivers and the open meadows. In this outdoor retreat along with honoring your Wild Horse Maiden, you will have an opportunity to grow in  another of your life passages that you and your spirit want to explore. (Click on South Gate for more detailed info) Each of our life passages, the Starchild, the Wild Horse Maiden, the Mother Womb, the Silver Buffalo and the Ancestors Fire will be honored in their own Lodges where your small sisterhood will meet for sharing circles, mediation and creative exploration.

BOSTON BAR, BC ( 1/2 way between Kamloops and Vancouver on Hwy 1) – AUGUST 23rd – 25th, 2019


West Gate – Mother Womb Creation Retreat

The West Gate is a powerful door in the shamanic, indigenous and worldwide traditions.  Along with the mystery and beauty of creation in the mothering and dark womb, there is also the aspect of letting go, the release of leaves in the autumn, the death of the womb nest. When we walk through the fires of transformation, shifting the stories of our Sacred Wounds of how we were mothered and fathered, we birth art, story, song, dance, healing arts and pass on culture and traditions from a passionate vibrant place.


Dates and Place TBA