Medicine Walk Series

Retreats for Women

Every healing step you take in life from conception until we pass over,  you are walking your Medicine Wheel. This retreat series is an opportunity to transform, to release the wounds we have gathered over time and learn to understand the gifts of your Sacred Wounds, so they can gift you with the strengths they have created in you. Each time you release emotional pain you shine even brighter, have more clarity, a strong sense of direction and purpose and greater peace of mind.

Your Medicine Walk starts with the first in the series, your Inner Starchild exploration.

The second stage in your Medicine Walk is the life passage of becoming a woman, experiencing your first flow of your Moontime, which is honored at the Sacred Moon Emergence summer retreat

  “Inner Starchild Breakthrough” Retreat

This retreat is the foundation in this series. The “Inner Starchild Breakthrough” is reclaiming a deeper relationship with our beginning, with our Little One, our inner tender child who deserves to feel safe in their body, in their innocence, curiosity and emotional expression. Our Inner Child carries our emotional wounding, so that when you take the opportunity to notice and acknowledge what these hurts are and where they might have started, they quickly start healing  and you fast track a growing connection to your “Little One”. Those experiences you have of emotional pain, confusion, frustration, and self doubt can transform into experiences of more clarity, peace of mind and energy to create direction in your life. This release also gives you more access to your childlike creativity, freedom,  true grounding and an experience of the power you carry.

Included in the weekend workshop is

  • Ceremony, circles and celebration through dancing, massage, drumming and chanting
  • Supplies for creative art and making a Medicine Wheel or Mandala
  • Nourishing plant based meals, delicious snacks and healthy beverages, tea and coffee
  • Space is limited, Cost $349 per person . BOOK NOW!



Experience a Breakthrough in your Self Love!

KELOWNA, BC –  March 1 – 3rd, 2019, Friday 7 – 8:30 pm, Saturday 9:30 – 9 pm and Sunday until 1 pm

COQUITLAM, BC –  April 12 – 14th, Friday April 12th – 7 – 9 pm, Saturday and Sunday 10 – 5,  ecstatic dance Sat. evening

KAMLOOPS, BC – May 24 – 26th, Friday May 24th – 7 – 9 pm, Saturday and Sunday 10 – 5, ecstatic dance Sat. evening



Women Inspiring Women Aug 23 – 25, 2019

Forest Camping Retreat for  47 Women at Sandy Pines campground near Boston Bar BC in the Fraser Canyon

In this forest land and summer retreat, the ceremony and circles are designed to heal and celebrate  the beauty and strength of coming into our own beingness, the powerful flow of our moontime  and navigating those often trying school years and young woman experiences of trying to build our sisterhood connections. This retreat covers all our life passages, yet our main ceremonies are about the time of our teen years and young woman years, where we may have experienced the wounding of not feeling heard or valued, of having our trust in life damaged with sexual violations or inappropriateness.  These places within us will be honored in the Moontime and Sisterhood initiations, in the offer of wearing a Moontime belt that is decorated with gems and beauty to celebrate who we are as women, to have a new experience of “our time”,so that you feel supported by each other in this emotional and yet powerful time of the month.

There’s so much more information about the amazing women cofacilitating this retreat and the inspiring land we will be on – click here for an Overview and more!

It’s held the last weekend in August before the long weekend, near BOSTON BAR, BC ( 1/2 way between Kamloops and Vancouver on Hwy 1)  at the Sandy Pines Resort– AUGUST 23rd – 25th, 2019


Mother Womb Breakthrough Retreat

The West Gate is a powerful door in the shamanic, indigenous and worldwide traditions.  Along with the mystery and beauty of creation in the mothering and dark womb, there is also the aspect of letting go, the release of leaves in the autumn, the death of the womb nest. When we walk through the fires of transformation, shifting the stories of our Sacred Wounds of how we were mothered and fathered, we birth art, story, song, dance, healing arts and pass on culture and traditions from a passionate vibrant place.


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