The Starchild Garden is joyfully created space to engage the expressive little girl that lives within.  Your Lodge Keeper will be present to help you let go of expectations and limitations and spin a hula hoop, make an art creation, paint your face, read a story book, make a world in the forest floor, play and create with sparkles, blow bubbles, spend time connecting and talking in a gentle, soothing space or dress up in delightful colours and textures.

Our “Little One” is also the emotional heart that carries our wounding, our preverbal experiences and our childlike decisions that were made without the benefit of our more mature perspectives.

Circles and playtime in this Lodge is created to safely explore or gently uncover some of your wounded pieces so they can be seen, healed and celebrated, comforted and kissed all better!

In the Starchild Garden you can connect with your inner magical Self through an art project, exploring what your inner little girl needs and how we can care for her as our adult selves, and maybe go on a treasure hunt or visit the elemental troll circle deep in the forest.

Come as you are, be heard, be seen and be energetically held in a safe and secure garden to play and laugh and love up your Starchild Self!