To make your experience even more memorable…

OPTIONAL  but BRING if you’d like,  … :


  • A small blanket, scarf or shawl for the Initiation Ceremony
  • Something to wear with red, dark red or burgandy-ish colours, a scarf or skirt, for example for the First Moontime Ceremony
  • Any special objects, crystals, statues or sacred items that you can use for your own altar / mandala you will make on the land.  No objects are required, you can make a beautiful altar with the gifts from nature you will find in the forest.
  • Your drum, rattle, shakers or rain stick etc… there will be extras available


  • Festival seating chair, or lawn chair
  • Yoga mat (if you want to participate in Yoga offerings)
  • Blanket (to lay down for journeying or to sit on ground)
  • Swim suit or Birthday suit  (for the river)
  • Optional  – Your divine feminine outfit(s), simple, playful or fanciful for the processional closing ceremony


  • Bring your Tent, RV, Trailer or Tent trailer.
  • There is one single room available, with four queen beds, for $20 per person per night, sleeps 4 – 6 people, bring your own bedding, towels etc. or you can rent bedding. Call or email for a bed when you purchase your ticket.
  • Flashlight
  • Drinking water supplied plus lots of gravity spring-fed unchlorinated –  clean tested water for washing, tooth brushing, etc.
  • Warm bedding and sleepwear, hoodies and toques might be needed, (weather is getting cooler at night, can still be hot during the day, or rainy…)
  • Fires are often banned at this time of year

      FOR MEALS:

  • Please bring your lunch for Friday, your own breakfasts and bedtime snacks
  • We are having vegetarian (no meat or fish) POTLUCK meals that our kitchen staff and volunteers will coordinate. All participants are being asked to bring TWO LARGE potluck dishes for 8-10, or ONE EXTRA LARGE DISH that will be kept refridgerated , heated when needed etc, and served at the retreat by the Kitchen Crew.
  • Our Kitchen Coordinator, Janice, will be in touch with you closer to retreat time and would appreciate hearing about your contribution. If we can all make this work, it is the easiest way to minimize food costs and waste. Contact us  if you have any further questions. Email at . There will be a few people who are travelling far for example, who will be asked to bring snacks, condiments, coffee etc.  If you have a restricted or special food plan, please bring or supplement with what you can eat.
  • Morning coffee, all day tea and hot water supplied
  • Bring your own mug, plate, bowl and cutlery (consider donating odd settings you have to the retreat center – bowls needed)
  • Serious allergies or unique food plans – please INFORM Janice on your registration and supplement your meals as needed
  • (There’s also a possibility of a salmon bake, not confirmed yet!)