Sacred Moon Emergence Co-creators

Angie Falk, Visionary Marilyn J Puff, Rachael Pasemko

This gathering was conceived in Sept 2015, when Marilyn was on a spiritual pilgrimage and attended the Thirteen Moons Women’s festival in Dartmoor UK. Upon returning to Kamloops BC, Rachael and Angie were also excited by this vision, knowing it aligned with their passion of women stepping into the power of their creativity, beauty and wisdom. Many others have joined in to help create this gathering.

The elements of Sacred Land, Sisterhood and Ceremony are the foundations of this event. The divine feminine rising, the Sacred Moon Emerging, speaks to our journey as lifegivers, traveling upon the healing rivers of our emotional waters. Regardless of our challenges, pain or disappointments, we always rise and can reveal even more of our authentic selves and this is something to CELEBRATE!

We are so excited to circle with you and to experience the amazingness of what is always created when women gather together for great purpose….