Grace has a strong relationship with her Ancestors and called deeply on them and her Spiritual Helpers in staying positive, grounded and loving in the face of Autism. As a parent of a beautiful adult daughter Julianne, who is living with Autism, Grace brings a deeply intuitive and compassionate heart and open mind to her leadership in the Ancestors Tipi Lodge. Grace led her own” Miracle in motion team “  to support her deeply loved daughter. “Jules” went from nonverbal at the age of 7 and today is speaking, reading, printing, living semi-independantly and skiing whenever she gets the chance.

Mystical experiences involving Jules opened her mother’s eyes to understanding that there is more going on here than our five senses can comprehend. Grace knows that autism is here on purpose to help our species evolve and become more loving. She has written a book to share this message with the world.


In the large teepee lodge, Grace is the Keeper of the Ancestors Lodge,  along with Suniva who will also tend the Sacred Fire.  Every Lodge will have a small Lodge group of participants who will become a sisterhood as they meet for sharing circles, guided transformative experiences and a closing circle to integrate the healing changes and empowering moments of the retreat.


Grace is a practitioner in SRT, a powerful healing modality and has  studied various spiritual traditions including the Haka, a fire initiation from New Zealand. Grace  works closely with Mary Magdelene and attends a gathering feast for her every year. She is an inspiring spiritual leader and also leads a women’s circle in Jasper AB. She is a voice and music teacher and will be sharing her beautiful voice  as she and Suniva drum and sing around the Sacred Fire.

CHILDREN OF AUTUMN – Autism Here on Purpose  Book Synopsis

Grace Kohn, author and mother of a person with Autism, shares her metamorphosis as a result of doing everything in her power to help her daughter, Julianne, heal.

In her book Children of Autumn – Autism Here on Purpose Grace explores how Autism can, in fact, be a player in healing our planet. “SH☆T Happens and then SHIFT Happens” has become her mantra for the past 13 years. Grace knows how major positive Shifts can occur for people personally, and eventually collectively, when they make the choice to participate in their own healing with as much intention as that of healing their child.

Grace Kohn outlines the therapies that offered her the most assistance during this 20-year initiation. The players who assisted in catapulting Julianne to new levels of ability are also explored. Children of Autumn – Autism Here on Purpose is must read for parents with children on the autism spectrum, caregivers, and anyone interested in healing our planet. It will help you see the ” Awe” in Autism, or as Grace now refers to it as Awe*tis* (th)em.

“Grace is a powerhouse of positive ideas and energy. I always leave her presence with greater love for myself and the world.” –Kim Wallace, School Teacher

“As a hyper-rational skeptic came to the Children of Autumn – Autism Here on Purpose book fully prepared to give it up as soon as trippy stuff went beyond the pale. So it is greatly to the author’s credit that this never happened, and though there are some things for my skeptical mind to question, there is also something shining through this story even brighter than the laser-beam of reason. This light is clearly the spirit of Grace Kohn herself- itself a reflection of some light from above that she is merely channeling- in any case a light both warm enough not to offend the likes of me, and yet strong enough to illuminate what must be considered essential truth for anyone staggering under the burden of care for one of these “special” children (air quotes to indicate very the patronizing attitude we most need to overcome). One cannot help but be inspired by this story.”- Walter Ludwick, Franchise Owner Weight Watchers

Grace Kohn is available for presentations and is open to invitations to speak anywhere in the world. She has presented in Canada and the United States. She lives with her Beloved in Jasper, AB, Canada, and enjoys downhill skiing with Julianne as much as she can. She can be reached through her website at


Grace Kohn