) Can children come?

Our intention is that this is a gathering for adults ( mature 16 – 18+),  for caregivers to have a place and time to be nurtured and to explore for themselves. We trust you will take the magic and learnings back home to your children from a place of being filled and rejuvenated….

) What are the arrangements for food?

Except for breakfast, we are having vegetarian POTLUCK meals that our kitchen staff and volunteers will coordinate. All participants are being asked to bring one LARGE potluck dishes for 12 – 15, that we ask you to keep cold in a cooler, or bring frozen and we will heated when needed etc, and it will be served by the Kitchen Crew. Our Kitchen Magician Coordinator, Janice will be in touch with you in August and absolutely needs to hear from you about your contribution as we would love 3 or 4 Ceasar salads for example, but not 10! and we definately want to know we have enough deserts coming!!. If we can all work together, it is the easiest way to minimize food costs and waste.

Contact us  if you have any further questions. Email at sacredmoonemergence@gmail.com . There will be a few people who are travelling far for example, who might ask to bring snacks, condiments, tea etc.  If you have a restricted or special food plan, please bring or supplement with what you know you can eat.

All participants are to bring their own breakfasts and bedtime snacks. There are afternoon snacks provided, morning coffee, all day tea and water.

) Can women come for one day?

In creating Sacred Space for deep safety and transformation, we are not able to have people come for one day. On the Friday evening we are creating our Sisterhood Lodge Groups and will be growing closer throughout the weekend.

 As a sisterhood everyone’s energy creates a beautiful container, and we will notice if people leave or when you are not there….AND you are encouraged to listen to your own heart and needs and there may be times when you will chose to be on your own… 

) How do I get my ticket if I’m volunteering?

On the ticket page you will purchase your regular ticket.  You will be reimbursed within a week after the Retreat, as you have signed off on your volunteer hours.

Once you select that you want your regular ticket, and continue on, you will at some point be given options to pay either online or by etransfer. If you have the money to etransfer, there would be no extra charges to you for your online purchase.

) Can I book my Healing Spa session before I come?

We are planning on providing the schedule and times for sessions when you register at the site. There is a spot for everyone to have the gift of a 1/2 hr treatment with the choice of a few different modalities. Check the website and watch for our FB Sacred Moon Emergence posts for info on our healers, Sisterhood Lodge keepers, drummers etc.

) What’s the Blanket Market?

The Blanket Market is Sunday morning for anyone attending that would like to bring anything that they would like to sell or trade with other vendors. The only set up is on a blanket, to spread out your products to sell or trade.

) What else should I be aware of?

Please bring any clothes that you would like to put in the free clothing swap, and be prepared to find some treasures there!

Bring any special item that you would like to trade in for something new to you in the Sacred Item Swap organized by Brittany!