Cindy Maki is an energy reader, life coach, and a passionate lifelong student of energy healing. She sees your body like an encyclopedia of your emotions. Stored within you is every hurt, fear and trauma since your childhood and beyond. These deep set issues can create illness, chronic pain, weight gain, addictions and depression. They can affect the amount of money you earn, your relationships and make you repeat the same problems.

A Light Therapy energy reading reveals blocks in your energy that create the patterns listed above and induces gentle healing on a deep level. A session can help to release old issues and create a sense of ease, lightness, being on track and generate self-awareness for positive change. Light Therapy offers gentle, life affirming energy work to release old patterns, habits, recurring issues, self doubt or frustration in all areas of your life.

Cindy has certification in Light Therapy Energy and is a Reiki Master with training in many energy healing modalities. For over 20 years her expertise, energy and intuition have served clients in all aspects of their life with the intention to awaken your inner resources, align you with your values and passion and light your path for the future.

Cindy Maki