Intuitive Plant Sessions are unique collaborations between your soul and the spirit of the plants.
We begin the session by clarifying your intention.
I then make myself available as the vehicle for the transference of the plants healing gifts.
I listen for guidance and specific instruction from the spirit of the plants on how to bring balance.
As multidimensional beings plants have access to several ways of bringing a person into balance, which can include color, images, song or words of inspiration and guidance.
The plants will fill you with all that is needed according to your soul’s particular blueprint.

Plant Spirit Healing is a practice of working directly with the consciousness and healing properties of plants. It enhances well-being on all levels, deepens self-awareness, and mediates integration with our soul selves.

Chrysta is a mystic, medicine woman, teacher, and energy worker who has dedicated the past 20 years to “reading the book” of nature. She has embodied various healing modalities that raise awareness of nature’s wisdom on both the personal level and the spiritual level.
It is her intention to guide people in deepening their connection to nature and themselves.
She is committed to being a voice for Gaia and the entire plant kingdom.


Chrysta Huska~Plant Spirit Healing