What Ashley aspires to, is her clients becoming lighter and full of love. Emotions, experiences, old trauma and past doings can weigh heavy on us all, making us dense, more tense and unable to really tap into our inner magic. During your session together, she connects with the Divine and with your energies, and together you clear any blockages, tension, and density in the body, leaving you feeling more refreshed, energized, clear and Light! It would be her honor to connect and assist you on your healing journey! Let us be, fully free, open and full of healing Light and Love!

In her practice currently, Ashley uses a mix of three different modalities; Touch for Health, Access Consciousness Bars, and Reiki. She is guided by her Intuition to what your body needs most. Her dream is to dance around, a little love fairy, magically touching each person she meets, leaving them feeling lighter and more joyful on their path.

Meet with her, and leave feeling lighter, brighter, and more at ease with the guidance she has been gifted with, to show you the way.

Ashley Robb